Essential Skills our Students Need to Succeed (SEL) for Secondary Educators

Date(s) - 08/22/2019
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Ross Groover

Edsel Ford


Putting social emotional learning at the core of our work allows us to provide opportunities to students with more rigor and relevance leading to instructional improvements. Relationships are essential for learning and at the heart of our work. SEL is not a single program or teaching method. It involves coordinated strategies and a shift in our adult mindset. We understand that to truly support ALL students we must change our daily routines as adults and use the research we know.   Throughout the session participants will be engaged in dialogue, activities, and true learning that will foster a strong start to a brand new school year.


Facilitators: Johanna Mracna, Julie Patterson

Ferndale Public Schools


Edsel Ford – auditorium


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